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Beaded Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Beaded Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet


Wire cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, jewelry cloth, tape, mallet, file, ruler, sharpie, mandrel



  • five lengths of 21 gauge square, half hard wire measuring:
    • small: 7.5”
    • medium: 8.5”
    • large 9.5”
  • Hook wire: 2”
  • Eye wire: 1.5” (half hard wire, square or round)
  • Binding wire: Approx. 12 inches of 20 gauge half round, half hard wire


  1. Cut & straighten the 5 wires w/ jewelry cloth or rag.
  2. Place a piece of tape about 1.5 inches from left end.
  3. Mark w/ sharpie 3/8” from each end.
  4. Take 2.5” binding wire & make 5 wraps from mark on left towards middle of bracelet.
  5. Mark the middle of your wire bundle w/ sharpie.
  6. String all of your beads on the middle wire, so that the center bead is centered over the mark.
  7. Keeping the beads centered, make a mark on the left of the beads, adding 1/8 of an inch.
  8. Bend the outer wires about 45 degrees, then bend them next to the bead, so they’re parallel again.
  9. Wrap the left side 5 times starting at the mark & going towards the end of the bracelet.
  10. Put 2 wraps between your sets of beads. Be careful not to wrap too tightly. Push the end of the wire on the back, down into the beads.
  11. Mark on the right of the beads, adding 1/8 inch.
  12. Bend the outer parallel wires about 45 degrees inward, then bend them so they’re parallel again.
  13. Wrap 5 times from the mark toward the end of the bracelet.
  14. Make 5 wraps from mark towards middle of bracelet.
  15. Bend the four outermost wires outward at a 45 degree angle.
  16. Bend the middle 3 wires at a 90 degree angle. (Trim ends & loop all of the wires at once w/ round nose pliers or go to step 17)
  17. At about 2 mm from end, bend the tips of these wires at another 90 degree angle & trim to make even.
  18. Bend these wires down to cover the wraps.
  19. Make a loop w/ each of the outer wires w/ round nose pliers near the tips, towards the underneath side of the bracelet.
  20. Tap the length of the bracelet w/ mallet to harden. Or tumble when complete.
  21. Bend w/ fingers or around mandrel to form the bracelet.
  22. To make the hook, mark the middle of the 2” wire & bend around tip of round nose, squeeze w/ flat nose.
  23. Mark 3/8” from wire ends, & bend each end outward at 45 degrees.
  24. Make loops perpendicular to the loops on the bracelet near tips of round nose pliers.
  25. Bend the other side w/ round nose pliers to make your hook.
  26. To make the eye, mark the middle of the 1.5” wire & bend around widest part of round nose pliers.
  27. Thread thru circles on other side of bracelet & use round nose pliers to make perpendicular loops.

3 Bead Bangle Diagram



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